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R&D at Vetoquinol involves more than 150 employees worldwide, from the scientific division, to the medical research division, including the global project management division. Each Vetoquinol project is built in close collaboration by setting up multidisciplinary teams and numerous departments, because we know that working together is the best way to bring out new innovations.

The researchers in charge of R&D at Vetoquinol are exploring the pathways that lead from the active ingredient to the animal. A lot of creative work is needed to make the treatments as effective and easily administered as possible, in other words, useful and usable.

Pharmaceutical research, a long and complex process

R&D Vetoquinol


Pharmaceutical research, a long and complex process R&D at Vetoquinol takes time. On average, the development of a new veterinary medicinal product takes between 5 and 10 years, and involves the participation of a multidisciplinary team as well as a significant investment that can range from 3 to 15 million euros. In the process of researching veterinary drugs, the galenic is a key element. This means that we only invent easy-to-use pharmaceutical formulas for veterinarians, breeders and pet owners.

By always looking for the best dosage, the best time, the best place to administer the drug, R&D at Vetoquinol acts both for the safety of the animal and its owner, but also for the profitability of the breeder who will deliver his animals quickly in production without risk for the consumer.

Some examples where the galenic makes the difference:
- Appetizing tablets, taken spontaneously by dogs and cats.
- Single-dose long-acting injectable formulas, practical for injecting anti-infectives into a herd.
- A treatment for dogs in liquid form, in daily doses, easily and precisely administered by owners.