Pill Wrap

Pill Wrap

Description of Pill Wrap

What is Pill Wrap ?
Pill Wrap is a moist, juicy, flavorful, and shapeable paste that is perfect for wrapping around any size or shape of pill. Pill Wrap makes “pilling” your cat or dog easy!

What makes Pill Wrap work so well ?
Pill Wrap works because it isn’t preformed into a pocket or other shape. You can use a little or a lot!
Pill Wrap can cover any type of tablet, capsule, or wafer. Each 113.4 g container can cover approximately 56 pills.

Dogs and cats love the taste !
Pill Wrap is formulated from wheat flour, rice bran, liver powder, dried cheese, and fish oil. In a Canadian study, Pill Wrap worked for 79% of patients.

Ingredients in Pill Wrap

Ingredients: Wheat flour, corn syrup, glycerin, vegetable oil, rice bran, pork-liver powder, lecithin, cheese powder, fish oil, salt, sorbic acid, calcium propionate, artificial bacon flavouring.

Directions for Use of Pill Wrap

Take a pinch of Pill Wrap. Completely cover the pill with it.
Feed like a treat!

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