Flexadin Advanced

Description of Flexadin Advanced

Osteoarthritis :
Osteoarthritis ("rheumatism") is a progressive, degenerative, multifactorial joint disease. It is the leading cause of discomfort in older dogs.

Flexadin Advanced :
Flexadin Advanced is the newest addition to the Flexadin range. It contains undenatured collagen Type II (UC II) and Boswellia serrata, which have proven efficacy in dogs with osteoarthritis

A highly palatable new formula :

Flexadin Advanced is now formulated as highly palatable soft chews readily accepted by 95% of dogs!

Flexadin Advanced is available in packs of 30 chews.


Ingredients in Flexadin Advanced

Active ingredients per Flexadin advanced chew (3 g):


Boswellia serrata  (85% boswellic acid): 190 mg

Omega-3 fatty acids (from flaxseed oil): 73 mg

Chicken cartilage (UCII) (yielding 10 mg of collagen, including undenatured type II collagen): 40 mg

Vitamin E:  23 mg (23 IU/UI)

Omega-3 fatty acids (from fish oil): 16 mg



Non-medicinal ingredients in Flexadin Advanced :
Oat flour, rye flour, brewer’s yeast, glycerin, water, arabic gum, chicken liver, pectin, potassium chloride, saccharose, propionic acid, sorbic acid, maltodextrin, antioxidant blend, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, microcrystalline cellulose.



Directions for Use of Flexadin Advanced

Administer 1 Flexadin Advanced chew daily. May be given directly to the dog or in its food.

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