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You cherish your horse and we understand! We now offer a line of feed supplements and dewormers that will surely meet your expectations and your horse's specific needs.
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  • Equine Super Diet

    Equine Super Diet is an equine vitamin and mineral supplement. Make sure your horses have what they need with Equine Super Diet.

  • Nutrequin equine

    Nutrequin Classic Formula

    Nutrequin® Classic Formula is a vitamin and mineral supplement in an apple-flavoured, wheat-germ meal base for performance and breeding horses.

  • Nutrequin elite equine

    Nutrequin Elite

    Nutrequin® Elite is a vitamin and mineral supplement for performance horses.

  • Zylkene Equine 2g

    Zylkene Equine

    Zylkene® Equine, a natural nutritional supplement with calming properties, without any sedative side effects. It is developed for horses and contains alpha-S1 tryptic casein.

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