Our products for INTERNAL MEDICINE


Our pets often suffer from long-term or chronic illnesses. Vetoquinol consistently strives to enhance the welfare of cats and dogs; our key objective is therefore to offer solutions for daily relief and support.

(For the full product list in this category, please visit the Compendium website or contact your veterinarian. A more complete list will be available shortly.)

  • Azodyl

    Azodyl, for dogs and cats, is a mixture of three bacteria and a prebiotic with a unique mode of action—"enteric dialysis"—that supports kidney function.

  • Epakitin: a highly palatable phosphate binder that helps support kidney function in dogs and cats

  • Pank-Aid

    Pank-Aid can help improve digestion for dogs and cats with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

  • Help your dog regain bladder control.

  • Zentonil Advanced: pure, stabilized SAMe and silybin in palatable, scored tablets, designed to support liver function in dogs and cats.

  • Zentonil Plus: to help support the cognitive function of aging pets, is a pure stabilized SAMe in palatable, scored tablets designed to support liver function in dogs and cats.

Safety Data Sheets

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