Zylkene in exotic animals! A partnership with the Granby Zoo

10 / Aug / 2018 10:04

We are proud to share two videos with you that illustrate both the versatility of Zylkene® in exotic animals, and the conservation mission of our partner, the Granby Zoo.


Dr. Shannon Ferrell, DVM, DABVP-Avian, DACZM and Chief Veterinarian of the Vetoquinol Veterinary Hospital, gives us a behind-the-scenes access to the Granby Zoo and allows us to briefly enter his world. From the outset, he explains the current context in which the Lions and the Amur Leopards are evolving at the Granby Zoo. Then, Dr. Ferrell explains how Zylkene® was used with these big cats in order to contribute to their well-being.


At Vetoquinol, we feel it is important to share success stories such as these, as they are directly in line with our mission. And we feel it just as important to put forward our partnerships with organizations that, like us, care about the health and well-being of animals.


This way, we can achieve more together.


We hope you enjoy!




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