Vetoquinol takes a major step towards digital innovation by acquiring an equity interest in Farmvet Systems Ltd

31 / Oct / 2018 11:17

Vetoquinol has acquired a majority interest in Farmvet Systems Ltd. A thriving start-up based in Northern Ireland, Farmvet Systems digital know-how enables the strengthening of the role of the veterinary practitioner on cattle farms.


Interpreting the information available in livestock breeding centers has become a strategic activity for veterinarians. Each farm generates a constantly growing volume of data derived from different sources: biological analysis findings, management systems, government documentation, epidemiological information, milking statistics, etc. Thanks to the applications developed by Farmvet Systems, all of this data is collated on a single dashboard, allowing vets and breeders to share information and transform it into a decision making tool on the farm. Vetoquinol thus reinforces its position as a reference partner for vets and cattle breeders.


VetImpress, the main application developed by Farmvet Systems Ltd, is sold today in the United Kingdom and Ireland; Vetoquinol will make it available to vets around the world through is international sales network.


This platform is available to anyone operating in the management of the farm willing to enrich it and use it towards improving the animals’ health and welfare. Vetoquinol hereby confirms it commitment to the ‘one world - one health’ initiative.


The integration of Farmvet Systems applications into Vetoquinol’s solutions is fully part of the Laboratory long term vision; to create an ecosystem where digital technologies, diagnostic tools and drugs compliment one another with a view to optimizing the vet’s action as well as the effective management of the animal health and welfare.


Click on the link below to hear a 2-minute interview with Vetoquinol CEO Matthieu Frechin:


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