• Highest amount of soluble calcium of any bolus on the market*
  • Contains both immediate and sustained release calcium
  • Contains additional vitamin D
  • Patent-pending bolus technology
  • Easy to administer and swallow with smooth rounded ends
  • Quick dissolving bolus
  • Protective vacuum sealed packaging with less plastic waste
  • Room temperature storage
  • No milk or meat withholding


Give one bolus prior to or immediately after calving and a second bolus 12-24 hours later.


* in Canada


Transition cows demand both immediate and sustained release calcium for metabolic support during freshening.
You demand a quick solution that is easy to administer and has no withdrawal period.


Put TRANSITION™ Calcium Boluses at the top of your transition protocol


Ask your veterinarian if Transition is indicated for your herd.

Calcium bolus for dairy cows
Veterinary Health Product
CPN: 1290372.1





Vitamin D3: 50 000 UI
Calcium: 44 g
From: Calcium Chloride Anhydrous: 106.94 g
Calcium Carbonate: 22.26 g
Calcium Propionate: 4.48 g

Net: 6 x 176 g

Give one bolus orally prior to or immediately following calving and an additional bolus 12 to 24 hours later. Remove bolus from the individual package. Insert the flat end of the bolus into an appropriate bolus gun and point the round end toward the cow. Insert bolus gun into the back of the cow’s mouth and deposit the bolus allowing the animal to swallow. After administration allow water access.

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