Not only does Oridermyl® have a fast-acting acaricidal against Otodectes cynotis in cats, but it also provides faster relief of symptoms and inflammation1. Oridermyl® active ingredients help resolve secondary bacterial and fungal infections or overgrowth associated with feline otoacariasis. Its flexible cannula lessens discomfort during the application. This is why Oridermyl® is cat and even kitten approved!

1. Roy J, Bédard C, Moreau M, and Sauvé F. Comparative short-term effi cacy of Oridermyl® auricular ointment and Revolution® selamectin spot-on against feline
Otodectes cynotis and its associated secondary otitis externa. CVJ (2012), 52:762-766.


Ingredients in Oridermyl®

Permethrin, neomycin, nystatin and triamcinolone

Directions for Use of Oridermyl®

Prescription drug. Follow your veterinarian's directions

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