Dolmectin topical solution is available as a colorless to yellow, ready to use solution in single dose applicators for topical (dermal) treatment of dogs and cats not less than six weeks of age. The content of each applicator is formulated to provide a minimum of 6 mg/kg of body weight of selamectin. 



Cats : Each mL contains 60 mg selamectin in topical solution.

Dogs : Each mL contains 120 mg selamectin in topical solution.

  • Hold the applicator upright. Twist or snap back the tip.
  • Remove cap and check to be sure tip of applicator is open.


  • Part the hair at the base of the neck and place tip of applicator on visible skin area.
  • Squeeze applicator 3-4 times in one spot until empty.
  • Keep applicator compressed on the final squeeze to avoid drawing liquid back into applicator.



  • While keeping applicator squeezed, drag it away from liquid and lift up to remove.
  • Ensure the applicator is empty.
  • Avoid contact between the product and fingers.



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