Disvap Spray

Disvap Spray

Disvap Spray - Description

Disvap® Spray is a product for the controls flies (horn, face, stable and house flies), gnats and mosquitoes.  


Disvap® Spray has an immediate killing action. 


Disvap® Spray is ideal for reducing stress and the spread of disease amongst livestock and making farm buildings infestation-free.

Disvap Spray - Features and benefits

• Quick action kill for insects

• Can be used with lactating and non-lactating dairy cows       

Disvap Spray - Directions for use

Space spray:  

 - Kills flying insects in milking parlors, milkhouses and barns.

 - Direct spray upwards to all parts of the room especially windows and other light sources.

 - Apply at a rate of 1 to 2 seconds per 30 m3. Remove all animals from barn before using as a space spray.

 - For best results, close all doors and windows during treatment.

 - Ventilate treated areas thoroughly for at least 30 minutes before animal re-entry.

 - Spray only when temperature is under 32°C.


Livestock spray:  

 - To treat beef and dairy cattle against attack of house flies, stable flies, and gnats.

 - Spray animals once daily with a fine mist.

 - Spray should be enough to wet ends of the hair only; do not wet the hair or skin.

 - Take care not to spray in animal’s eyes.

 - Treat dairy cattle at least 20 minutes before milking.

 - Wash udders before milking. 

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