28 / Jul / 2017 02:59

On the occasion of the CAHI (Canadian Animal Health Institute) annual meeting held in June 2017, Ms. Diane Bourassa was interviewed by Caroline Auer, Community Engagement Leader of CommuniVET™ as Chair of the board of directors.


  • “Why did you choose to get involved in CAHI and then take on the added responsibility of Chair?”


“When I started in the animal health industry I was already connected to the board of directors and from there I realized how exciting it is to be part of this great industry and the advocacy that is happening with this group is incredible. So the more you spend time there, the better you get involved and then it leads you to be the Chair.”


  • “Why do you personally think it is important for veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians to understand what CAHI is doing and what impact that has on them in particular?”


“At first the CAHI was created to support the manufacturers and I could relate that the vet would say well it’s their organization, but the reality is that all of this is to advocate for the profession out there and all of what we are doing is with high respect of the vet profession. The only thing we want is to get a better industry altogether so we are advocating for environmental issues as well in getting the unwanted product disposal being done properly in the right context. I think we are bringing much more than just taking care of the manufacturers. We are really looking forward and trying to reach out to producers and pet owners. We want them to know that we should all be conscious about the reality of animal welfare and good health. All of this is common concerns or issues that we have and we want to face that not only with the manufacturers but with the entire vet community.”




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CommuniVET™ represents the evolution of the North American Veterinary Research Group (NAVRG), an online community founded in 2003 for Canadian veterinarians and other stakeholders in the animal health industry.

To meet the ever-changing needs of Canadian veterinary professionals, CommuniVET™ offers veterinarians and animal health technicians an exclusive online destination for continuing education, veterinary news, and clinical developments... as well as a forum through which the veterinary community can help shape our industry.


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