For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in new-born piglets, Dexafer-200 contains the equivalent of 200 mg of iron per ml as ferric hydroxide dextran complex.


For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in baby pigs, inject 1 mL (200 mg iron) intramuscularly, preferably in the neck region. Disinfect the site of injection with iodine or alcohol before injecting.

Iron is a critical component in the synthesis of hemoglobin—itself an essential constituent of blood. Any signifi cant decrease of hemoglobin levels in the blood could lead to severe anemia in the piglet... and in decreased production for you.


Injectable iron dextran has revealed itself over the course of many years to be a proven and very effi cacious way to decrease susceptibility to diseases and to improve weight gain. It protects against drops in the physiological levels of iron that impedes growth in piglets. 20% injectable iron dextran (Dexafer-200™) has shown its effi cacy in restoring correct hemoglobin levels. Superior to other injectable iron products that contain only 100 mg (10%) of iron per millilitre, Dexafer-200™, thanks to its 20% iron dextran formulation, requires only one dose (between 1 to 3 days of age). A saving of time and money.

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