16 / Jul / 2018 08:39
The Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI), the trade association representing the developers, manufacturers and distributors of animal pharmaceuticals, biologics, feed additives, animal pesticides in Canada, research firms, public relations companies, regulatory consultants and pet food manufacturers, celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 1st, 2018.
CAHI is a registered, non-profit organization, solely funded by annual membership fees with over 60 members.
It is on June 1, 1968, that a new association was formed in Montreal - the Canadian Animal Health Institute. We are pleased to share a photo of the first Board of Directors.
Over the years, Vetoquinol Canada has contributed to the CAHI activities in many ways:
1) By the presence of its General Managers on the Board of Directors: Normand Robichaud was the Chair three times through fifteen years of active contribution. Guerette was member for three years, Daniel Beauchamp was member for four years and Diane Bourassa, current General Manager of Vetoquinol Canada, is member since September 2012 and acted as Chair of the Board from September 2015 to September 2017. She is currently acting as Past Chair since September 2017.
2) Dr. Pierre Gadbois, former Vetoquinol DVM and Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Director who retired in 2014, also significantly contributed to the CAHI over the years in multiple roles on committees and subcommittees. He was instrumental in helping establish the Low Risk Notification Program for Veterinary Health Products for both Companion and Food Production Animals, now known under the name of Notification program for veterinary health products.
3) By co-writing and full compliance of Vetoquinol marketers on the Code of Marketing Practice which mission is to emphasize the importance in the public interest of providing accurate, fair and objective information on animal health products so that rational decisions for prescribing and use can be made.
The CODE represents an act of self-discipline. Acceptance and observance of its provisions are a condition of membership in the CAHI.
CAHI has been the catalyst for 50 Years of collaborative leadership in Canadian animal health and Vetoquinol Canada is proud to be part of this great association. Here's to another 50 years of partnership with farmers, veterinarians, pet owners, government regulators and more!


Vetoquinol is proud to be an active member of the Canadian Animal Health Institute. Discover the different areas of intervention of this organization which celebrates its 50th anniversary in Canada.

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