BioSentry 904

BioSentry 904

BioSentry 904 - Description

BioSentry® 904 Disinfectant is effective in 400 ppm hard water (as CaCO ). Disinfects in 5% organic soil load. Recommended for chicken, turkey, duck, quail, goose, ostrich and other avian hatcheries. Effective in poultry, swine and livestock (including equine) premises. Useful in laboratory animal and animal breeder facilities.

BioSentry® 904 Disinfectant contains sequestering agents, to prevent the precipitation of minerals and metals from hard water.

Deodorizes by killing most microorganisms that cause offensive odours.
Contains no perfume to mask or hide any odours that might exist.

BioSentry 904 - Features and benefits

BioSentry® 904 is a complete, chemically balanced disinfectant that provides clear use solutions even in cold water. Kills a broad range of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, fungi and viruses

• Fast acting bactericide, fungicide and virucide
• Non-staining / non-corrosive use solution
• Safe to use on all wettable surfaces
• Tested against Avian influenza and PED

• Effective against parvovirus

BioSentry 904 - Directions for use

BioSentry® 904 is a versatile product that can be used in all livestock facilities and hatcheries. BioSentry® 904 is a product that can address almost all your challenges.

• Terminal disinfection (4 mL/L)
• Disinfecting hatcheries (4 mL/L)
• Disinfecting vehicles (4 mL/L)
• Foot bath (8 mL/L)
• Sanitizing hatchery rooms using a fogger (1 part to 5 parts of water – 166 mL/L)
• Fogging incubators and hatchers (45 mL/L)
• Fogging poultry houses and livestock buildings (1 part to 2 parts of water – 333 mL/L)

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