Because now, YOU call the shots

11 / Dec / 2020 05:00

Vetoquinol is proud to announce the launch of two new tulathromycin products, both backed by Vetoquinol's Feedlot Morbidity Prevention Program and eligible for Vetoquinol Club reward points.



Just like Canadian Beef Producers, Vetoquinol is a family-owned animal health company and we are passionate about what we do. Our products are backed by years of experience dedicated to quality.


Lydaxx®: it gets the job done.


And now, you call the shots because a feedlot operation is a family legacy.


Switch to Vetoquinol. For all the right reasons.


Protect your investment!


Tulamaxx is our other tulathromycin option, offered in a shock-resistant bottle that will ensure peace of mind on any bovine operation. What used to be a costly accident becomes a simple near-miss!


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