All-Trace® for Cattle boluses are designed to dissolve completely, leaving the reticulum free of any bolus residue.

Resin skin controls release rate ensuring consistent daily supply of nutrients. Trace element matrix erodes and nutrients are released into the reticulum and the dissolvable end-weight ensures bolus remains in reticulum. No residues left after active life


DIN 02327767
For use only in adult cattle on pasture
Available in a box of 20 x 107g boluses (10 doses)
CPN: 1290333.0

Copper (as copper oxide): 16,187 mg - Daily dose: 135.00 mg
Selenium (as sodium selenite): 247 mg - Daily dose: 2.00 mg
Cobalt (as cobalt carbonate): 235 mg - Daily dose: 2.00 mg
Iodine (as calcium iodate): 505 mg - Daily dose: 4.20 mg
Manganese (as manganese sulphate): 8,768 mg - Daily dose: 73.1 mg
Zinc (as zinc sulphate and oxide): 13,326 mg -Daily dose: 111.00 mg

For use in ruminating cattle over 150 kg body weight. Administer orally two (2) whole, undamaged All-Trace for Cattle boluses per animal. Administer at the beginning of the pasture season. The active life of the bolus is 8 months.

If, during administration, the protective coating on the bolus becomes chewed or damaged the bolus will dissolve at a faster rate. Care should be taken not to drop the boluses onto a hard surface.


Do not administer to non-ruminating cattle or ruminating cattle less than 150 kg body weight. Smaller cattle may experience some difficulty in swallowing boluses. Care should be taken not to damage the bolus prior to, or during, administration. If in doubt as to the selenium status of the cattle, consult your veterinarian or provincial agricultural authority.


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