Our history

Vetoquinol, a great history

It all started in 1933 in a pharmacy in the town of Lure, in north-eastern France.
Joseph Frechin introduced human pharmaceutical specialty manufacturing in his dispensary, under the name of Laboratoires biochimiques de l’Est.
Demonstrating entrepreneurial application of his pharmacy knowledge, he used the antiseptic properties of oxyquinoline to treat animals.

The product called "Vetoquinol" quickly became a success which encouraged Joseph Frechin to add veterinary service to his company.
With the tremendous satisfaction of the veterinarians, Vetoquinol had over 250 products available by 1970.


Vetoquinol, an international dimension

Since then, Vetoquinol has continued to develop and provide innovative medicines and solutions to its customers. Vetoquinol established its first subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium.

In 1990, the Vetoquinol N.-A. Inc. subsidiary was established in Quebec, Canada, serving the entire North American market.

The company’s entry on the Stock Exchange in 2006 served to enhance its international reputation, which had become highly valued.

Today, with 100 distributors and a direct presence in 24 countries, in Europe, North and South America and in Asia/Pacific, employing 2,500 people, we have built an international network, allowing for close relationships with our customers around the world.

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